Letters to the Editor — Dec. 9, 2022


The Issue: Russia’s release of WNBA player Brittney Griner in exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout.

It is outrageous to swap a basketball player for an international arms dealer responsible for untold deaths and destruction (“WNBA star released in swap for ‘Merchant of Death’ Russian arms dealer,” Dec. 8).

Moreover, this debacle is further exacerbated by our government leaving behind a Marine, who, unlike the basketball star, did not commit a crime.

No doubt that Brittney Griner received a jail sentence that was patently unfair — but nevertheless, this exchange cannot be justified. It’s another bold example of how celebrity culture has once again prevailed.

Mitchell A. Schwefel


Now Biden will praise himself for getting this done, even though he will be putting an arms dealer back on the streets. That makes the world more dangerous.

Charlie Yannelli


To God be the glory, Russia has released Griner. She was wrongly detained as a hostage in Russia.

The holding of Brittney as a political pawn of Putin’s corrupt chess game was just as wrong as his unjust war in Ukraine. Thank you to Biden and his State Department for bringing her home.

Now I pray daily for Griner’s inner healing and essential wholeness after going through this deeply dangerous and vicious discrimination.

Arthur L. Mackey, Jr.


Brittney Griner on a plane
Griner was facing a nine year sentence in Russia for drug posession, a prosecution the White House has called politically motivated.

As the widow of a former Marine and a niece of two Marines, I am so heartbroken about the total lack of respect and support for Paul Whelan.

Whelan was a soldier who served his country with pride and his community as a police officer. He remains in prison in Russia, while the basketball player will be back in the country she abhors. Explain how this is right.

Paul Whelan and his family deserve so much better. Write your politicians and demand action.

The patriotic Americans deserve respect and support, not those celebrity athletes who disrespect their own country.

Jean Cole

Juno Beach, Fla.

During World War II, the son of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was captured by the Germans.

They offered to trade him for a German field marshal captured by the Soviets. Stalin replied, “I do not trade marshals for lieutenants.”

So now Biden has traded an arms dealer for a basketball player. Is he so dopey he doesn’t understand that this will only encourage other governments to arrest Americans in order to make a trade? Biden will be remembered as a naive fool.

Joe Zeloof

Hamilton, NJ

The Issue: A trend of younger parents who believe telling their children Santa is real could be traumatizing.

Sierra McKenzie’s decision not to let her children believe in Santa Claus is further proof that today’s parents feel compelled to erase every ounce of joy and magic from their children’s lives (“Claus for alarm,” Dec. 1).

To equate a little child’s belief in Santa with a lie is strange thinking indeed.

These parents should perhaps take a step back and stop dissecting every tradition in our culture until there is nothing left for our little ones but cynicism and despair.

Catherine Adago


Is there no room for imagination and fun for children? Eventually, those believing in Santa Claus begin to question his reality and conclude that he doesn’t exist. This is part of growing up.

Is McKenzie also going to ban imaginative books with creative, unreal stories? If all parents were like McKenzie, I fear the arts would die. So would fun, laughter and play.

Judy Gail Krasnow

Jackson, Mich.

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