Letters to the Editor — Dec. 7, 2022

The Issue: Randi Weingarten’s column responding to Mike Pompeo’s criticism of her tenure as AFT president.

Kudos for allowing American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten to respond to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (“Where I Stand,” PostOpinion, Dec. 3).

And The Post’s “Randi’s Alternate Facts” response was spot-on (Editorial, Dec. 3).

Her legacy of failing our children started long before COVID. Reading and math scores relative to the rest of the world are an embarrassment, and the woke indoctrination didn’t start yesterday.

She wasted the first third of her response on being offended by her “most dangerous” label. And her other arguments were unconvincing.

Does she believe Mike Pompeo visiting a staged classroom could ever assuage concerns of her failures over 14 years in charge of the AFT?

Randi, you are dangerous, and it’s time to retire. Maybe then our education system can begin its long and arduous road to recovery.

Ed Simnor

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

What delusional bubble does Weingarten live in? Stop the gaslighting!

New York City alone has lost over 100,000 students since she and her union locked them out of their classrooms and forced indoctrination on their young minds.

Please retire before we lose any more of our children to your misguided leadership.

Charlie Kolarsick

Florham Park, NJ

Why do we treat Weingarten differently from any other union leader? Unions exist to represent the best interests of their members, not their employers (parents) and not their customers (students).

While I have certainly known many teachers who are truly driven to provide their students with a great education, I have never met any union representative who worried about anything other than extracting more income or better benefits for that union’s members, regardless of the impact on other “stakeholders.”

Weingarten may claim to have the best interests of students at heart and express a desire to “partner” with parents, but these are hollow statements when you realize that they are not central to her role as union head.

Oscar Huettner

Solebury, Pa.

While I commend you for giving Weingarten an opportunity to counter Pompeo’s assertion that she is the “most dangerous person” in the United States, her column did not convince me that Pompeo was wrong. Mostly, she sounds like a kid in a playground fight.

Come on, Weingarten: We all saw the horrific results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Nothing you say about how seriously your members are committed to “making kids thrive” jibes with the sad test results.

The fact is, while students were suffering devastating learning and social losses that are just beginning to be measured, teachers liked working from home in their jammies.

You and your union are a disgrace, and your unholy partnership with the Democratic Party has hurt our entire society. Yes, you are dangerous, Weingarten.

Michelle Graham


Weingarten calling Mike Pompeo a bully? What a joke!

This is the woman who damaged millions of kids psychologically by jamming mask-wearing down their throats, the woman who forced woke curricula and gender neutrality into teachers’ agendas, the woman who suggests parents have no say in their own child’s curriculum.

How do you even have the nerve to show your face in public? Go back to the classroom, where you can try to do some good.

Frank DeLustro

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Thanks for your editorial refuting many of the false claims made by Weingarten in her guest column.

Accepting her assertion that the vast majority of her union members are hardworking, diligent teachers who are doing their best for the children, the final verdict is rendered by the success or failure of the system’s performance.

Increasingly, parents and their children are opting for private and charter schools not staffed by her union members.

Jay Taikeff


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