Letters to the Editor — Dec. 3, 2022


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ plan to take mentally ill homeless people into custody for psychiatric evaluation.

Heaven knows I’ve been critical of Mayor Adams and his policies since his election, but his latest policy initiative of removing dangerous people from New York City streets is certainly a step in the right direction and an effort that’s a long time coming (“Eric ‘fearless’ on homeless,” Dec. 2).

Determining that these violent people on the street are a danger to themselves or others seems an easy call to me, and to those other New Yorkers who are being turned into victims.

The once-lucrative tourist industry has taken a sharp hit in recent years over safety concerns. Now let’s see if the mayor and governor can see these initiatives through.

Dennis Kerbis
Staten Island

Adams is finally trying to help the mentally ill homeless. If the plan is accepted, these poor souls will be taken off the street and mandated for treatment.

I fully understand what the homeless are going through. I myself was homeless in 1975 after my release from the US Navy at the end of the Vietnam War. At one point, I thought of taking my own life.

My situation changed, and I did get help due the kindness of a stranger and friends. I also got help from social services. I found help physically and mentally. So, to Adams: Kudos for caring for the mentally ill homeless.

Frederick Bedell

The missing link in treating the mentally unstable has never been addressed properly — and that is the follow-up.

Just as we follow cases involving children, we need to do that with the adult mentally ill. In cases of homeless mentally ill, the task is more challenging.

While there has always been a tug-of-war between public safety and the rights of people facing involuntarily custody, we cannot continue without an attempt at rational intervention. A task force should be convened to determine the best way going forward.

Phil Serpico

The article about Adams deciding to have the dangerously mentally ill involuntarily committed was great but forgot to mention something: Why would New Yorkers put a Democrat in charge of a problem that the Democrats created?

The reason we have so many lunatics on the streets is that Democrats passed the laws making it possible. Now you will trust them to fix their mistakes?

Tom Scott
Spotswood, NJ

The Issue: Proposed legislation that would provide funds for legal help for migrants fighting deportation.

It’s interesting that two Democratic lawmakers, representatives who are supposed to be stewards of our tax dollars, waited until after the election to indicate they are proposing legislation for New Yorkers to pay as much as $300 million for the legal fees required to help illegal immigrants stay in this country (“Bid for NY legal fees vs. deport,” Dec. 1).

Shouldn’t our moral obligation be first and foremost to those people who are citizens of this country, like our veterans or those citizens out of a job or a home?

Want to know why New Yorkers are leaving in droves? It’s because of idiots like these two lawmakers, proposing ludicrous legislation that is destroying the city and state.

J. Paino

Just where does it stop? State Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz have found another way to pander for future votes.

They now want to establish a program where we the taxpayers will have to pay the legal fees of illegal immigrants.

We have people sleeping on the streets now, with no housing. How about taking care of them?

Kim Cody

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