Letters to the Editor — Dec. 15, 2022


The Issue: The rising numbers of migrants trying to cross the border ahead of the end of Title 42.

President Biden, I think it’s time to secure the United States’ southern border (“Rush hour,” Dec. 13).

It has become a crisis, and America has lost its credibility with the rest of the world. We are showing the world we cannot take care of our citizens, country and border.

Why don’t you, as president of the United States of America, go down to the border and speak to the Border Patrol, the landowners, local politicians and law-enforcement officers to really understand the damage that is occurring on our border?

Our southern border is not secure, no matter who tells you otherwise.

Andrew Watz


When Title 42 expires, the border fiasco will reach a calamitous apex of untold proportions.

The resulting, impending burdens on the education, housing and hospital sectors will be unsustainable and, consequentially, an unparalleled detriment to our economy as a whole.

In addition, the incalculable human suffering associated with these unmitigated migrant surges is despicable.

What makes this absurdity more revolting is the woefully neglectful and cavalier attitudes Biden and his administration have displayed relative to this colossal debacle.

To think this insanity is being perpetrated with virtually no media exposure is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in our increasingly decadent country.

Denis David

East Rockaway

Biden will forever be known as the man who changed America — for the worse. As Title 42 ends, the flood of illegal immigrants will become an avalanche. They see and hear of unprecedented benefits, so they come.

Progressives’ mindless “com­passion” shifts our resources away from deserving citizens, many of whom are homeless and suffering from food insecurity, to those entering illegally.

The president’s indifference to a major crisis in our country is inexcusable.

Mel Young

Boca Raton, Fla.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that we are still in a pandemic. If so, then why is Title 42 ending?

The president says there are more important things going on than the border, and the Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says the border is secure. Meanwhile, the media continue to avoid the issue. Biden, Mayorkas and the media are intent on destroying America.

John Lemandri

Williamsburg, Va.

The Issue: A bill that would require councilmembers to disclose if their primary residence is rent-stabilized.

Re: your Dec. 13 editorial, “Rent Control: Who benefits?” — I do, as a retiree on a fixed income living in a rent-controlled apartment.

And so do many other tenants like me. But rent-regulated units are not supposed to benefit City Council members.

City Councilman Bob Holden is correct to demand that councilmembers disclose if their primary residence is rent-stabilized. I would go further by demanding that these councilmembers relinquish their apartments to low-income tenants who deserve them.

Richard Reif


First of all, there is a difference between rent -controlled and rent-stabilized apartments. They each have their own increase guidelines.

Secondly, landlords who “can’t afford upgrades” can avail themselves of a Major Capital Improvement rent increase, which is paid for by rent-stabilized tenants.

Carol Puttre-Czyz


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