Letters to the Editor — Dec. 1, 2022


The Issue: The White House’s lukewarm support of Chinese citizens protesting “Zero COVID” lockdowns.

China is President Biden & Co.’s dream state (“Say the Protesters Are Right, Joe,” Editorial, Nov. 30).

Saying more than a line about “the right to peacefully protest” won’t happen when the person in charge worries more about his own personal image than the well-being of 1.4 billion people and their quest for democracy.

Harry Ruffalo

Pheonix, Ariz.

A White House reporter asked White House national security spokesman John Kirby recently what President Biden’s position is on the Chinese protests against their government’s oppressive policies, and the answer was that we will let the Chinese protesters speak for themselves and not speak for them.

Yet Biden was very supportive and outspoken about the demonstrations after the George Floyd incident.

We’re helping Ukraine with weapons, money and encouragement, and we speak out against oppression through­out the world.

But what is it about China? Are we dependent on them too much economically and for goods that we can’t produce ourselves?

Are there conflicts of interests with certain politicians’ business interests or with their families so that we can’t speak out against China’s oppression or human-rights violations as we do with other nations?

The American people have a right to know.

Charles Michael Sitero

Ormond Beach, Fla.

The world is on fire and the feckless Biden administration stands by.

The people of Iran and China are crying out for freedom, and Biden cowers, just like President Barack Obama did.

Joe, you surrendered to the Taliban. Of course you can’t stand up to communist China because you are compromised, and you can’t stand up to Iran because you’re desperate to re-enter the lethal Iran nuclear deal.

Your weakness caused Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine because you aren’t feared and respected like former President Donald Trump.

Many want to cross our sovereign border, not knowing that we are not that much better under your socialist presidency than what they are escaping.

J.R. Cummings


China’s President Xi Jinping will be forced to make concessions with the protesters, given the weak Chinese economy. The protests also weaken his hand with the Chinese people.

This is a setback for an autocrat who is trying to become the reincarnation of Mao.

Ed Houlihan

Ridgewood, NJ

The Issue: Sen. Chris Murphy’s suggestion that federal funds be withheld from cities that don’t enforce gun laws.

Sen. Chris Murphy fully supports open borders, non-prosecution and citizenship for illegal immigrants and immigration sanctuary cities and states (“Enforce gun rules or el$e: senator,” Nov. 28).

All of which are violations of federal law. But now he wants to withhold federal dollars if rare Second Amendment sanctuaries don’t prosecute the gun laws the way he wants.

What happens when an illegal immigrant, violent gang member, drug dealer or convicted felon is arrested on gun charges in a “Second Amendment sanctuary” city?

Do we have to ask Murphy how and whether to prosecute or not?

Brian Finn

Stamford, Conn.

Murphy’s selective concern regarding the enforcement of gun laws is laughable.

Instead of targeting Second Amendment sanctuaries, let’s see some outrage directed at the lenient prosecutors in these “tough gun law” blue cities.

Robert Prindle

Staten Island

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