Letters to the Editor — Aug. 28, 2022


Pol’s sexism stunt

As a long time feminist, I found Carolyn Maloney crying “misogyny” and “ sexism” offensive to women and a rollback to an earlier era (“It’s a Jerry-atric win,” Aug. 24).

I think Maloney needs to dig a little deeper and reflect on why she may have lost.

Does she really believe after years of serving in Congress that— in 2022 — misogyny is the only reason for her loss? Maybe she should reflect on her campaign strategy, which was about “being a woman” instead of her policies.

As a voter and a longtime feminist, gender has absolutely nothing to do with how I cast my vote. Running on “being a woman” has everything to do with identity politics, which is regressive, not progressive.

Eileen Corr


Defense of Maine

To my dear Cindy Adams — thank you for your gross description of your vacation to the state of Maine (“Welcome to Vacationland,” Aug. 22).

I have often wondered what I could do to keep folks from visiting and destroying that beautiful state. Voilà — cue your opinion piece. Perhaps the tourists will heed your advice and go elsewhere.

You are, however, correct in your perception that Mainers are polite, and the food is delicious. But I am thinking perhaps you went to places where many visitors fill up the sidewalks, beaches, roads and restaurants with their so-called fat behinds. Mainers usually stay away from tourist traps during the summer season unless they own a business.

Because I will tell you, as a frequent traveler of the Boothbay area, you could not be further from the truth. Mainers are fit, fun, relaxed and unpretentious — hence the lack of ties.

Guess I won’t be seeing you in Maine any time soon. But it’s sad that you consider New York civilization, especially of late.

Paula Scott

North Wales, Pa.

Pitiful standards

Karol Markowicz is rightly “appalled” by the fact that a high school student only has to score 19.8 % on the New York state algebra exam to pass (“Pass the Regents Just by Guessing,” Post­Opinion, Aug. 22). However, she shouldn’t be surprised.

Regents examinations were once the gold standard for evaluating the academic competence of high school students in New York. Those days are long gone.

The weak-kneed academicians and politicians that allowed the watering-down of academic standards in New York state over the past few decades should be blamed for making a travesty out of a once-prestigious educational standards.

It is encouraging that Schools Chancellor David Banks has done a good job getting the educational establishment to concentrate more on academic fundamentals and less on the nonessential frills that look good but do little to improve school performance.

The central mission of public education is to provide the skills to function in a fast-changing and complex society. This will only happen if public schools re-establish and maintain high Regents standards.

Gerard Rosenthal


Cop death tragedy

I want to commend The Post for publishing Ann Dorn speaking out about the assassination of her husband, Capt. David Dorn (“BLM, VP Killed My Hubby,” Aug. 24).

The most disturbing part of the article came when you wrote that “Black Lives Matter and the vice president’s office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.”

I would have thought that someone from BLM or the VP’s office would have offered some sympathy to Capt. Dorn and the rest of his family, but I guess his life didn’t matter to them.

John Francis Fox


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