Letters to the Editor — Aug. 21, 2022

9/11 Tribute close

It’s sad that the 9/11 Tribute Museum is closing (“Sad 9/11 ending,” Aug. 18).

It is truly a unique and necessary place to understand the history of and those affected by the 9/11 attacks.

All us docents had a direct connection to 9/11. (I am a family member and eyewitness.) We told our personal stories to our largely tourist guests as we walked the memorial, describing that day and the Word Trade Center complex itself.

So many great people relived that terrible day in the hope that others would never have to.

Praying our motto to “Never Forget” is never forgotten.

Joe Connor

Glen Rock, NJ

Hochul’s abuse

Bill Hammond’s column regarding abuse of power should be an eye-opener for all New Yorkers (“Abuse of power is state emergency,” Aug. 18).

There is something radically wrong with our governmental system in New York state, when a few upper-echelon politicians can make decisions affecting the lives of so many New York citizens.

It seems that once someone is voted into office, they automatically get a pass to do what they think is best, which includes making decisions that ensure payback to their more generous financial supporters or decisions that are profitable for friends and family.

Consider Gov. Hochul’s repeated extension of her pandemic emergency declaration, inspired by the Omicron threat.

This, and other emergency declarations still in place, allow the governor to make state-required purchases, without accountability, from whatever vendor she chooses. In this case, she purchased over $600 million worth of COVID testing kits to be distributed to New York City public schools. With no competitive bidding, the contract went to a New Jersey company where the CEO’s family donated nearly $300,000 to Hochul.

Keep in mind, the governor was not elected. The job fell in her lap, and she quickly fell into the Albany sewer system.

Dick Mills


Ma’s heartbreak

My heart goes out to Marisol Sanchez (“A year without justice for JJ,” Aug. 14). Parents should not bury their children.

I know how she feels — I also buried my child many years ago. The pain never goes away; it just gets easier to live with.

Sanchez’s son was murdered for no reason. Unbelievably his killer is still free, walking the streets. The pain will never get easier until the killer is in jail.

One way to ensure change is in November when we go to the polls to vote. Get rid of every politician who supports “arrest and release.” Vote for a new governor, for starters.

All of our politicians in office today live in low-crime areas and have bodyguards. They couldn’t care less about anyone else.

I no longer visit New York City. It’s not safe, and something has to change. Hopefully it will in November

Patricia Fletcher

Massapequa Park

Heche tragedy

I was very sad to read of the passing of actress Anne Heche, but I find it disturbing that so many news reports about her constantly refer to her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres (“Heche taken off life support,” Aug. 15).

Heche leaves two sons, one a very young adult and the other barely a teenager. What a sad thing for these boys to lose their mother at such a young age.

Heche was a very talented actress who had a terrible childhood. This was a woman who deserves compassion. To define her whole life by a brief relationship is cruel, especially to her two grieving sons.

Catherine Adago


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