Letters to the Editor — Aug. 16, 2022

The Issue: Attorney General Merrick Garland’s handling of the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home.

“AG Garland’s farce of law” once again reinforces the all-too-obvious: Trust goes hand-in-hand with transparency (Michael Goodwin, Aug. 14).

When dominant institutions, including the government and media, fail to deliver transparency, then trust becomes a non-entity.

From Day One, it was apparent that the current administration has failed terribly in the transparency department. As a result, the credibility of institutions is at an all-time low.

It is disheartening and extremely difficult to envision a solution to this problem without an overall change in the nature of human behavior.

Ronald Frank

West Orange, NJ

Merrick Garland is a bitter old man because Sen. Mitch McConnell held up his SCOTUS nomination.

So now is the time for retribution. What goes around comes around.

Thank you, Garland, for getting Trump elected again. This time Trump should clean the whole house. Then we can truly say America is great again.

John Nolty

West Kill

Goodwin’s piece on Garland was absolutely on target. Garland is a virulent leftist partisan. The raid on Trump’s home was the latest evidence that he is completely a puppet of the Biden White House.

His outright refusal to enforce federal law protecting Supreme Court justices was a disgrace. The Hunter Biden “investigation” is an absolute insult to anyone with a brain. Yet Garland sees fit to sign off on a raid on a former president’s home.

His announcement about the raid and how the law must be followed fairly was nauseating.

Garland is completely unfit to be AG and his remaining in that position will only serve to further erode public confidence in our justice system.

Robert DiNardo


Biden is the weak ringleader of a freaky surrealistic circus, where foolish clowns run amok.

Extreme abuse of power has been evident in this chaotic administration. Particularly disturbing is the recent, shocking FBI raid of Trump’s property.

Some 12 sets of documents were reportedly seized in this unconscionable operation, which Garland authorized.

These outrageously inappropriate theatrical antics seem driven by obsessively deranged political motivations, which expose sleazy double standards and widespread corruption.

David Kaliner

Las Vegas

The Biden administration, through the misguided actions of Garland, has unleashed the dragon by signing off on the unprecedented FBI raid on Trump’s home.

In his monotone statement about seeking “less intrusive means as an alternative to a search,” Garland neglected to add the phrase “unless we don’t like your politics.”

This appears to simply be a case of payback against Trump, much in the fashion of the Russia hoax debacle and the first Trump impeachment over the Ukraine phone call.

It’s a total overreach. This now opens the door for similar attacks on Democratic leaders when the Republicans win control.

Anthony Scro


The nation owes a debt of gratitude to McConnell for torpedoing the nomination of Garland to join the Supreme Court.

Garland turns out to be a biased political hack, the polar opposite of what we would expect from a justice.

The arrogance of proudly authorizing a raid on the home of a former president, as you would for a common criminal, is outrageous and only indicates the kind of inferior judge he would have been.

This was not a national emergency that required such a lack of respect for a gentleman who occupied the highest office in the land.

Seymour Srulowitz

Englewood, NJ

I’m a conservative Republican who’s often annoyed at McConnell and his free-spending ways.

However, more and more I’m grateful for all his efforts in keeping Garland off the Supreme Court.

Frank Higbie

Bound Brook, NJ

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