Konami producer Tatsunori Matsuo talks Amazing Bomberman, lo-fi aesthetics, and what’s next


A few weeks ago, Konami announced that its newest Apple Arcade-exclusive title, Amazing Bomberman, would drop a mere 24 hours later. The latest in the nearly 40-year-old franchise, Amazing Bomberman takes the classic Bomberman gameplay and drops it onto iOS devices with explosive visuals, quick online matchmaking, and an aesthetic that feels much aligned with fan art you may have seen on platforms like Deviant Art, Tumblr, and Twitter.

But of course, the biggest pull of Amazing Bomberman is its soundtrack. The game takes the core idea of Bomberman and mixes it with boom-heavy music, with plenty of original tracks that span from chiptune to dubstep to idol pop. Online, players face off to the tune of vibrant bangers that pump stages with heavy visual effects and drop power-ups to the beat — my favorite of which being, Bomb, Bomb! Blow’em All.


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