Kirby’s Dream Buffet for Nintendo Switch review: A sweet little racer reminiscent of Mario Party minigames

After the perfection that was Kirby and the Forgotten Land released this last March, I thought we wouldn’t see another Kirby game until at least next year. But apparently, Nintendo had other ideas in mind for the puffball’s 30th anniversary. 

Kirby’s Dream Buffet rolled out this week with hardly any preamble, which makes sense. It’s a fun little multiplayer game that only costs $15 and allows up to four players to compete against each other on food-themed tracks. Various colored Kirbys work to beat each other to strawberries and other tasty foods on the track. The more they eat, the larger they get, allowing them to bump smaller racers out of their way. There are also minigames where players work to smack each other off the track while angling to eat the most food. 

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