Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Ultimate guide


Our favorite pink puffball’s brand-new game on Nintendo Switch is a far more substantial adventure than several of the Kirby sidescrollers that have recently come to the console. He acquires brand new “Mouthful Mode” abilities, can upgrade his Copy Abilities, and has a world shrouded in ruins to explore. Here’s everything you want to know about Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Announcement video

This is the reveal trailer that we first saw at the September 2021 Nintendo Direct.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Plot

Source: Nintendo (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: Nintendo (screenshot))

Kirby is brought through a crack in the sky to a strange new world filled with ruins. Here, a bunch of baddies have captured the Waddle Dees and it’s up to Kirby to save them. He’ll have to fight several bosses who are members of the Beast Pack and work to figure out what brought him to this forgotten land.

Is this an open-world Kirby game?

Source: Nintendo (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: Nintendo (screenshot))

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is not a sidescroller like previous Kirby games, but it’s also not an open-world game either. However, while the guided pathways don’t let Kirby stray too far there’s more freedom than previous games. Gameplay style is really quite similar to Super Mario 3D World, where you use Kirby’s classic platforming abilities but in far less confined locations.

Who’s the developer?

Source: HAL Laboratories (Image credit: Source: HAL Laboratories)

HAL Laboratories has been the primary developer for Kirby from the very beginning and is the studio behind the Forgotten Land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities

Source: Nintendo (Image credit: Source: Nintendo)

Kirby’s iconic move is sucking in his enemies and copying their powers. In the game, Kirby does a number of these trademark Copy Abilities, including:

Copy Ability What it does
Sword Kirby Kirby takes on a Link-like appearance complete with green pointed hat and a sword. He can slash away at his enemies or perform a spin attack.
Cutter Kirby Kirby throws a boomerang-like weapon that slices through enemies before coming back to him.
Needle Kirby Several spikes extend from Kirby, hurting enemies that get in his way as he moves around.
Fire Kirby Kirby can shoot fireballs from his mouth and cloak himself in protective fire when running.
Ice Kirby Kirby’s breath freezes enemies in place and allows him to create protective blizzards that encircle him.
Bomb Kirby Kirby chucks bombs at his enemies from a distance to blow them away.
Hammer Kirby Kirby holds a massive hammer that he can slam down on enemies or buttons he encounters.
Drill Kirby Kirby has a hat with a drill on his head. This is either a new Copy Ability or Drill Kirby with a new look. He can drill underground using it.
Ranger Kirby Kirby wears a helmet with a star on it and holds a horn that shoots stars at enemies.
Sleep Kirby falls asleep until the player performs an action to wake him.
Tornado Kirby Kirby is invinicible to enemy attacks when twirling and inflicts damage on foes.


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