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Britney Spears‘ ex-husband Kevin Federline broke his silence for the first time in 10 years, but fans won’t get to hear everything he has to say. Radar has learned those behind the explosive TV interview have deemed the sit-down “too hurtful” to air in full.

Appearing on Lorraine, Daphne Barak, the journalist who locked down K-Fed’s interview, in which he claimed the singer’s sons have not seen their mom in months, revealed it wasn’t just Britney’s ex that was ready to spill.

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“It’s a one-hour special, which will be aired at the end of this month, so Kevin is not the only interviewee,” she explained. “I think he just felt – it’s not really about Britney, it’s about fatherhood in the eye of the storm. You and I reading everything about everybody in this family suing each other and the social media and accusing each other on Instagram and everything.

“I think we tended to forget there are two kids in there that we haven’t seen for years and now my husband and I have been with them for weeks. Somehow these kids not only turned out to be handsome but super talented, super creative, very friendly, and somebody is responsible to bring them up against the odds and away from the public eye – that is their father, Kevin Federline, who had full custody, and stepmother Victoria.”

Barak teased that “it was not just he who felt ready to talk but “it was the whole family.”

She continued, “they have been hurt – and not by Britney, it’s not her fault – but the situation, really, is very painful. During the interview we found out many things – that [the boys] didn’t want to see their mother for now and I hoped they could heal.”

Addressing K-Fed’s claims about Britney’s relationship with their teenage sonsSean, 16, and Jayden, 15 — the interviewer said, “I really feel for her and parenting is definitely difficult, especially with what she has been through. But we’re talking right now about other people that have been hurt and it’s not Kevin’s version.”



Barak emphasized that the one-hour special won’t only feature what Britney’s ex-husband has to say about her parenting and the ending of her conservatorship; however, viewers won’t get to hear everything because the production believes it’s “too hurtful.”

“I and our team spent a lot of time with his family – he is not the only interviewee,” she stated. “It’s not Kevin’s version and actually we’re not going to reveal many things because we feel it will be too hurtful. I don’t think anybody meant to hurt these boys purposely and I’m sure Britney loves them and they come in to talk about her with a lot of love and they do love her, but basically nobody has thought about them.”

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Barak added, “It’s this story about the father and the boys and how he managed to successfully bring them up against the odds with all this drama going on and still ongoing as you see with the Instagram. So basically it’s not Kevin vs Britney, it was not about her it was about his fatherhood and the whole family wanted it.”

K-Fed’s bombshell ITV News interview will air next month.



His “hurtful” words sparked an all-out war, with Britney’s brand-new husband, Sam Asghari, rushing to her defense.

As exclusively revealed, K-Fed is set to lose his $20k monthly child support checks from his ex-wife, which makes the timing of his interview interesting.

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