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Johnny Depp won’t be reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, but his movie career is back on track following his defamation win against his ex-wife and assault accuser Amber Heard. Radar has learned that Depp recently completed his costume fitting for his first film role in more than two years.

The 59-year-old actor was spotted heading to the Paris airport following his days-long stay and looked noticeably different. Instead of sporting his signature goatee, Depp flaunted his baby smooth skin after a fresh shave.

Appearing completely barefaced, the former Pirates of the Caribbean star couldn’t wipe the smile away after prepping for his new movie role.



Depp’s stay in Paris marked the first time he’s been fitted for a movie in years and since his victory against Heard after she accused him of domestic violence and sexual assault.

He will play King Louie XV in the French filmmaker Maiwenn Le Besco’s highly-anticipated film.

Depp might have looked different, but his style was recognizable when he arrived at the airport to hop on a private plane. Rocking a suede jacket with fringe, the actor wore tight black jeans, boots, a button-up flannel shirt, and a trendy hat.

Flanked by security guards, Depp carried a briefcase in one hand and his passport in the other. He even stopped to greet airport staffers.



Depp appeared in a great mood after jumping back into his movie career for the first time in more than two years. While he continued to play Johnny Puff on the TV mini-series Puffin Impossible, Depp’s last film role was the 2020 movie Minamata.

During the defamation trial against Heard, the actor testified that her accusations cost him several movie roles and millions of dollars.

As reported, Depp believed Heard’s “false” abuse allegations caused him to miss out on a $22.5 million payday; however, his former agent told a different story.

According to Tracey Jacobs, no one at Disney committed to having Depp join Pirates 6. Margot Robbie has famously taken the lead in the next franchise installment.


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Mega can confirm that despite reports, Depp is NOT in talks with his former employer to reprise his role in Pirates. “This is made up,” his rep revealed on Monday.

Earlier this month, the jury in Virginia awarded Depp $15 million in damages over an op-ed Heard wrote, in which she described herself as a domestic violence survivor. She also accused him of sexual assault.

He won $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Due to state law, Judge Penny later reduced the punitive damages to $350,000. Heard was awarded $2 million over a comment Depp’s attorney made, calling her accusations a “hoax.”



On Friday, Judge Penny signed off on the $8.35 million judgment, and ruled that if Heard decided to appeal the decision, she’ll be forced to pay the full amount in bond plus a penalty interest of 6% — aka $500,000 extra.


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