Joe Biden shows support for a Haitian dictator

Here’s the strongest proof yet President Joe Biden cares more about politics than “democracy”: When pictures of 17,000 Haitian migrants under a Del Rio, Texas, bridge became too embarrassing last year, the prez backed a de facto Haitian dictator in exchange for his willingness to accept deportees.

Biden’s former special envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, says the White House agreed to support Dr. Ariel Henry, who claimed power after President Jovenel Moise’s assassination, chiefly because Henry was willing to take back thousands of Haitians who’d illegally crossed the US border and help Biden change the subject, as Todd Bensman reports in The Post.

With US backing, Henry — who’s reportedly close to one of the alleged assassins — then reneged on his obligation to hold new elections. Haiti’s legislature and supreme court went puff, and Henry had no internal checks on his power.

He became, in effect, a dictator. All while Team Biden looked the other way.

“The US carried out a non-democratic transfer of power” to put out the public-relations fire that erupted when pictures of Haitian migrants (including shots of border agents on horseback trying to control them) highlighted the failure of Biden’s border policies, says Foote.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry speaks during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on June 10.
Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry speaks during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on June 10.
Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Addressing the blowback was especially critical after Biden’s then-recent chaotic bugout from Afghanistan had already severely damaged him.

One tragic irony: The political repression Biden bolstered in Haiti only makes its victims more eager to migrate, worsening the border crisis. So much for Biden’s claim to want to address “root causes” that send migrants fleeing.

Another: By the end of September, the White House had flown 9,000 Haitians back to Haiti from Texas — even as border agents essentially were waving in nearly all other newcomers, who were mostly Latinos. That opens Biden to charges of rank racism — but plainly even that was worth the risk.

Joe Biden
The Biden admin has been flying Haitian migrants back to Haiti.
Jim LoScalzo – Pool via CNP

Progressive outrage eventually stopped the deportations . . . briefly. But when the number of Haitians grew again in December, flights resumed — with another 10,000 Haitians returned between January and April.

Democracy for Haiti didn’t matter to Biden, nor did addressing “root causes.” Burying the proof of the chaos his open-border policy causes trumped everything else.

Of course, he could’ve instead changed that policy — but his political needs prevented that, too.

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