Ivanka Trump reflects on her late mother and ‘role model’ Ivana

Ivanka: Mom a role model

Not easy to lose a mother. I know. I lost mine.

One treasure this glamorous gorgeous blond lady Ivana left us is her gorgeous blond daughter.

Ivanka: “She was my role model. No matter how busy, she was always there for us. Always there to comfort us. She knew what it meant to demonstrate ownership. My mother was a role model for all of us in the business world. No matter where you go or who you meet, you must recognize there were not too many like her in anyone’s life.”

So how would this daughter actually describe her mom?

“Wicked. Vim. Vigor. She brought joy and self-confidence. Understand it stemmed from her birth and upbringing. She came from a communist country. From denial. Being nothing. Having nothing. The Czech Republic background was her rationale for loving the fine things. For what was rich. What spelled glamour. Seeing the best is what defined who she was.

“Yes, she was bold. But no matter what, where or who she was, she was always there for us. Always The Person to go to. If need be she’d act as the housekeeper. And did. Be the one to wash the dishes — and did.

“Before their marriage, my mother had become a world-class athlete. Not easy to summon personal strength and discipline then revert to a communist country. She learned about drive. She acquired grace where there was none.”

An ‘unbridled’ tour de force

“Words to describe my mother would be ‘unbridled . . . lots of fun . . . energetic . . . exhausting.’ She’d tire out people — even men younger than she.

“When they owned the Plaza, it wasn’t all comportment and grace. I would come from school and she’d let me run with her through the halls. I’d follow her.

Ivana Trump passed away in her Manhattan home at the age of 73 last week.
Ivana Trump passed away in her Manhattan home at the age of 73 last week.
Annie Wermiel/NY Post

“Yes, she loved the fine things and would criticize what she thought wasn’t. In St-Tropez one day, I came down in what I thought was a pretty dress and she complained, ‘Your hemline is too long. Your dress hangs down too low.’

“She lived life. My mother could and did go off on a boat ride at 1 a.m. and come back at 4 a.m. Nothing would stop that powerful will inside her.”

One of a kind

Ivanka said her mother was "one of a kind."
Ivanka said her mother was “one of a kind.”
Michael Crabtree/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

“My mother was a one of a kind. When she arrived to get her nails done, they looked better than those on whoever was doing her manicure.

“A one of a kind? I’d say my mother was ahead of her time.

“Describing her would be bold, glamorous, personal strength and discipline. Grace and drive. Humor — and joy. Self confident. But she could also be wicked.”

A moment’s pause. Then: “My mother’s unbridled energy could be fun but there was so much chemistry that at times it could be exhausting for people younger than she.”

And the preparations for her eternity?

“Don’t know yet. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

Warning. Comes now misery No. 50. A new saga is hacking. Stealing envelopes containing checks to credit companies, taxing authorities, etc. So, while you’re humming “Happy days are here again” — pay attention.

More. The pandemic left empty dwellings. Also crumbs and unused food. Also, outdoor restaurants are attracting creatures. Also, construction’s opened an army of unwelcome visitors. Many are now housing such uninvitees. Experts exist. Get help.

Oy. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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