It’s not the M2 MacBook Pros that have given me and my MacBook Pro 2021 buyers remorse – it’s the Mac Mini


It’s December 2022. I need a new computer. My old one is starting to really show its five years of use, as Chrome gradually runs slower and slower, and booting the machine up takes longer and longer. Do I wait for then-rumored new MacBook Pros, or do I save a little money, buy a little time, and grab one of the ageing 2021 models?

I opted for the latter. The new MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips —revealed today, but ephemerally distant back in December — didn’t seem like they’d be coming out any time soon. The order for the existing MacBook Pro went in, and now I have a lovely MacBook Pro with M1 Pro sitting on my desk.


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