Is Twitter down for you? The internet says yes

A huge number of outages have been reported on Twitter…

What you need to know

  • Twitter is down
  • A huge number of users are reporting issues.
  • Tweets are not loading on either the app or website.

A huge number of users on Twitter are reporting that the service is down.

Loading Twitter displays a “Something went wrong. Try reloading” error on the web, while app users are greeted with a ‘Tweets aren’t loading right now’ message. So don’t worry, it’s not just you!

Taking a look at Downdetector shows that the social network is having problems for many users, with more than half reporting the app isn’t working, and another 40% saying there are issues with the web page. There don’t appear to be any other reports of problems on other platforms, so this does seem to be localized to Twitter.

It shouldn’t be too long until Twitter is back up and running, and you can once again scroll your feed again – Twitter is fairly good at fixing problems quickly. Using third-party Twitter apps may help you get back online, such as TweetBot one of the best iPhone apps around.

With the mad few months that Twitter has had, this was the last thing they needed – on account of their suing of Elon Musk. Twitter, unhappy with the way that Musk’s buyout of the platform has unfolded, is suing Musk for $44 million, the value of the takeover that it looks like he is trying to pull out of – it’ll be interesting to see if he has anything to say about the outages Twitter has experienced over the last few weeks.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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