Is Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series on Switch fun for people who never played the originals?

Klonoa has long been one of those game characters that I’ve seen on aging posters in used video game stores but didn’t know anything about. I knew he had a following of some kind, even if I didn’t have any friends who ever talked about him. While staring into his Sonic-like eyes I’ve often wondered, are his games ones I was missing out on? Is he a rabbit? Maybe a long-eared cat? And what’s up with Pac-Man being on his blue hat? 

I got answers to some of these questions just recently when Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series came to Nintendo Switch and I played through the remastered first and second games in the series for the first time. For instance, Namco created both Klonoa and Pac-Man, so the latter being on the former’s hat is a not-too-subtle nod to that. 

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