iPhone 14 Plus buyers can walk into a local Apple Store and grab one just fine

Today is the day that the brand new iPhone 14 Plus goes on sale and if you placed a pre-order you’re probably waiting for a UPS truck to arrive. If not though, don’t panic — you can probably walk into your closest Apple Store and pick one up instead.

An iPhone 14 Plus, that is. Not a UPS truck.

While the stocks of iPhone 14 Pro models have been hard to come by since its release a few weeks ago, the cheaper iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t seem to have any such problems — unless you order online, that is.

iPhone 14 Plus Apple Store page

(Image credit: Future)

A quick check of the iPhone 14 Plus Apple Store page shows that you can walk into the majority of stores and pick up a new iPhone 14 Plus, regardless of the color or storage configuration you happen to be in the market for. Midnight or Starlight, 128GB or 512GB, you shouldn’t struggle.

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