iPhone 14 gets major production boost

Apple has approved OLED panels from display maker BOE which will see the company make more than 5 million iPhone 14 panels ahead of the device’s release in September.

IT Home reports:

IT home July 6 news, according to Runto Lotu technology research news, according to the upstream and downstream information of the industry chain, the AMOLED panel of China’s panel manufacturer BOE (BOE) has passed Apple’s iPhone 14 certification.

BOE had previously been cut from Apple’s supply chain after it changed its manufacturing process without warning, forcing Apple to suspend iPhone 13 orders from the company.

In June it was reported that BOE was up for a second chance with Apple, with the iPhone maker looking to approve its panels ahead of the iPhone 14 launch later this year.

IT Home says BOE now has this approval and will make 5 million units for Apple.

This is great news for us consumers because a diversified supply chain means Apple’s next best iPhone will be easier to get hold of at launch.

Earlier today it was reported that Apple is expecting around 55-60% of its iPhone 14 shipments to be premium ‘Pro’ models compared to just 40-50% in the past. That’s because Apple is reportedly planning to make major upgrades to the ‘Pro’ including a new processor and an always-on display that won’t be coming to the regular models. If that’s the case the ‘Pro’ iPhone could be a much more appealing buy than in previous years.

With a rumored release window of September just 2 months away, we don’t have long to wait and find out what Apple has in store for iPhone in 2022. If you aren’t interested in this year’s upgrade but you need a new device, these Prime Day iPhone deals are a great place to look.

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