iPhone 14 demand in China will be ‘higher than expected’ says analyst


The iPhone 14 could blow past the iPhone 13 in China.

According to a new survey from supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, third-party retailers in China like distributors, retailers, and scalpers are saying that they are paying “the highest prepaid deposit ever for iPhone 14.” The surveyors said that they are paying these higher amounts in order to ensure that they have a supply of the upcoming iPhone.

Kuo goes on to say that, according to the survey, “the iPhone 14 prepaid deposit is significantly higher than the iPhone 13 and even twice as high in some areas.” This leads the analyst to believe that demand for the iPhone 14 will be higher than expected in the country.

While some may look at the situation and think the high deposits are due to supply constraints rather than demand, Kuo has some words for you too. According to the analyst, the iPhone 14 shipment forecast is sitting between 90 to 100 million units in the second half of 2022.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 at an event in the fall.

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