iPhone 13 prices suddenly raised in Japan by a massive 18%

Iphone 13 Review Hero ResizedSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

Apple has drastically raised the price of the iPhone 13 in Japan as the company seeks to compensate for a struggling yen currency and rising inflation.

First spotted by Reuters, Apple’s best iPhone, the iPhone 13 is now priced at 117,800, compared to 98,800 earlier this week.

Checks carried out by iMore confirm that the price has changed in the last two days. The regular iPhone 13 (128GB) model was 98,800 yen on June 29. Today, the iPhone 13’s list price is 117,800, an 18% increase.

Similarly, the iPhone 13 mini was 86,800 yen earlier this week and is now 99,800.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max now start at 144,800 and 159,800 yen respectively, where previously they were 122,800 and 134,800.

The news is another big blow to consumers already fighting inflation and makes the iPhone 13 a much less desirable purchase ahead of the iPhone 14 launch, purportedly just a few months away.

It is very likely, however, that Apple will maintain these price increases for its new models of iPhone when they are released in September. Apple is expected to ditch the ‘mini’ iPhone with its next upgrade cycle, instead opting for a new Max version of the regular iPhone. It is also reported that Apple will include big camera upgrades in the form of a 48MP camera, and a new processor for the iPhone 14 ‘Pro’. The latter will also see a new hole-punch front facing camera replace the notch.

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