iPad and Apple Pencil convinced me to stop using Wacom tablets — Here are the best ones for digital art


I have a confession to make. While writing up today’s Black Friday iPad deals, I kept thinking about how I’ve never been an Apple person (until recently). Even though I got a minor in graphic design and have been drawing digitally since the 90s, I’ve always preferred to use a Wacom tablet with PC rather than Mac. 

This made me an outlier at the university I studied at since I was the only one in my art classes lugging around a Windows laptop; to the chagrin of my Apple-using classmates and professors. But now, I’ve completely switched over to soley using an iPad Air (5th generation) and Apple Pencil (2nd generation) for all my digital creating needs. In my opinion, they are the best Apple products for digital drawing and creating. So what happened to convince me these devices were superior to Wacom?


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