iPad (2022) vs. iPad Air 5 (2022): Which should you buy?

iPad (2022) vs. iPad Air 5 (2022): A very strange comparison

The iPad Air has seen its position in the overall Apple iPad lineup change over time. The first two models arrived as the only regular-sized Apple tablet on the market when Apple (temporarily, it turned out) retired the singular iPad name after four generations. Meanwhile, Apple placed the third iPad Air version, launched five years after its predecessor, between a (revived) singular iPad and iPad Pro, where it continued to sit in the lineup when both the iPad Air 4 (2020) and iPad Air 5 (2022) were released. 

When it comes to an iPad Air 5 vs. iPad (2021) comparison, you can quickly see the difference between the two. The former is superior, with better specs and a higher price. Replace the iPad (2021) with the new iPad (2022), and things get fuzzy. The new “budget” iPad is vastly different than its predecessor as it offers better specs and a fresh design. For this, you’re expected to pay much more than the earlier version. 

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