iOS gaming recap: PlayStation buys into mobile as Apple and Netflix boost game line-ups

There’s lots to cover this week when it comes to the mobile gaming scene. It appears that PlayStation has acquired a mobile game-maker, while Apple unveiled six new Apple Arcade games, and Netflix lined up a future classic. 

We’ve also got the best new games of the week for you to play, including a new battle royale from Assassin’s Creed maker Ubisoft and Tom Hanks’ new trivia game. That’s right: the Tom Hanks. Let’s get into it, shall we?

PlayStation moves into mobile

Sony acquires Savage Game Studios

(Image credit: Sony)

Mobile gaming was mostly Uncharted (ha!) territory for PlayStation until this week, when it bought Savage Game Studios for an undisclosed fee. The mobile game-maker has “a new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game” in development, which will now be released through PlayStation Mobile.

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