iOS Game of the Week: Octopath Traveler — Champions of the Continent is so good, I can’t believe it’s free-to-play


Every time you tap open Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you’re prompted with a disclaimer that reads:

Screenshot of opening disclaimer in Octopath Travler: Champions of the Continent.

(Image credit: Future / Kevin Cortez)

It’s a message that surprises me each time I open Octopath Traveler: CotC. The fact that Square Enix wants players to know A) they’ll likely spend a lot of time playing this game (as one does with the publisher’s RPGs) and B) it’s not necessary to toy with its monetization efforts to accelerate the game’s story, is a wild note to relay to folks every time they play. And yet, when it comes to playing the actual game, I can’t help but think about the message. Mostly because, well, Octopath Traveler: CotC is so damn good, it’s almost unfair to call it a gacha game.


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