Instagram updates Sensitive Content Control to protect teens further


Instagram is taking more measures to combat the narrative that the platform is damaging to young people by updating its Sensitive Content Control feature.

The feature launched last summer as a way for users to determine how much sensitive content they view in their feeds. Starting today, any new users under the age of 16 will be automatically placed with the “Less” option enabled for Sensitive Content Control. Instagram’s press release (opens in new tab) says this is intended to make it “more difficult for young people to come across potentially sensitive content or accounts in Search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations and Suggested Accounts.”

Additionally, any user under the age of 18 will be unable to pick the “More” state in the Sensitive Content Control and will only have the options of “Standard” or “Less.”
If you want to view your Sensitive Content Control settings, you can do so right in the app, following these steps in the Instagram app:

  1. Tap on your profile. 
  2. Tap the menu in the top right corner
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Account
  5. Tap Sensitive content control

From here, you’ll be able to change the state of your account between More, Standard, or Less if you’re over 18 years of age. If not, you will only have the Standard and Less options available. 

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