The pandemic revealed how essential it has become for brands to leverage an Immersive Commerce Strategy. We saw the explosion of curbside and delivery, new marketplaces such as FB Discovery Commerce, and virtual brand experiences. Online impulse shopping skyrocketed,with consumers across the globe spending $900B more at online retailers in 2020 vs the prior two years! 


In this moment, it’s not just about selling anywhere and everywhere, it’s about shifting your strategy from selling to generalized profiles with targeted messages, to selling to each individual with curated and personalized experiences. Consumers crave control. So much so that83% of them are willing to share their data to create these more personalized experiences. 

Immersive commerce 2.0 means pushing the boundaries on tech and data to unlock custom shoppable moments, at every single consumer touchpoint. 


You are watching Hulu; an ad break comes up and faster than you can hit the mute button… you see a delicious burger and it’sliterallycalling your name: “Rafaella, your mouth is watering.” You click on the “get it while it’s hot” button, and check-out. The burger is delivered to you in just a few minutes. (with well-done fries because the AI knows how you like em’). 

Or, you are listening to your favorite travel podcast. Today’s episode:Create Your Own Costa Rica Itinerary, sponsored by a travel company. All listeners can design their adventure through the audio software. “Do you want to visit a waterfall?” By nodding yes with your headset on, you would suddenly hear the flowing water echoing through the rainforest. In the end, each participant would receive an offer for a personalized travel package. One more head nod and it’s yours. 

Browsing for a new black blazer to shine on your first day back in the office? It’s so hard to know how it will fit when you shop online so, you buy, try, regret, return, refund, and repeat. What if you could create a lifelike avatar based on your measurements and try on clothes at your favorite store’s website? Uh oh, 24/7 retail therapy on the horizon as now you can literally and virtually try on everything. 

At Zimmerman, we are taking the immersive path into the future. Every day, we are working to create custom shoppable moments, converting every consumer touchpoint into a transaction. If your agency or your marketing team is not leveraging this very strategy right this minute, then you are at risk of getting left behind. And these days, that’s something to take personally. 





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