iMac Pro comeback might sport M3 chips but don’t expect it any time soon


Apple’s rumored iMac Pro replacement could get an all-new M3 chip or two, according to new report. But while that should ensure that the new machine is nice and fast, it will also mean that it isn’t set to go on sale until the middle of next year.

The original iMac Pro was discontinued in March of 2021 and we’ve been waiting for a replacement ever since. The new Mac Studio and Studio Display go some way to filling the fold, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman — writing via the Power On newsletter — says that Apple now intends to launch a new iMac that will be aimed at “pro” users. That machine is set to use “a variation of the M3 chip, likely an M3 Pro and M3 Max,” however, and that would mean that it is unlikely to be announced until the middle of next year at the earliest.

Apple is also likely to refresh the current 24-inch M1 iMac, although that now seems likely to skip the M2 and go straight to the M3 next year. The current machine was released in May of 2021, meaning it is now more than a year old.

Apple does still have plenty of new Macs in the works, of course. M2 Pro and M2 Max version of the MacBook Pro are expected to be announced this year, while a new Apple M2 Mac Pro is also set to finally get its time in the sun, although what chips that will actually use is unclear. We may see an all-new addition to the lineup, possibly called M2 Extreme, sitting above the M2 Ultra,

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