iFixit slams Apple’s self-repair program for MacBooks, says it makes them seem less repairable


iFixit has called out Apple’s newly-introduced self-repair program for MacBooks, saying it makes MacBooks seem less repairable. Apple has recently opened up its pro-user repairability program to include MacBooks, while iFixit has had guides for multiple MacBook models for a while now.

In a fresh blog post, iFixit says Apple’s process is potentially intimidating to users that may want to fix their own MacBooks the official way. The length and complexity of Apple’s guides seems to be the issue here, prompting a response from the prominent champions of repairability.

iFixit says Apple’s approach a little too complicated for the easy repairability movement

Apple MacBook battery repair slide

A slide from the MacBook repair guide, showing the topcase replacement requirement. (Image credit: Apple)

iFixit has been a champion of self-repair with its many tools and guides to go along. Apple has taken a fair amount of blame for lacking in this department. However, iFixit has raised Apple’s repairability scores for releasing manuals. The company says that it might not have been the right move, though, as these new manuals are a step back.


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