‘I never heard of you’


Jury of one for top judge

ATTN: It’s the gov not the state Senate who appoints.

The state Senate’s to “advise and consent” Hochul’s Justice Hector LaSalle as next chief judge.

Our founders trusted no legislature to such appointment saying it’s because they’d want only candidates “acceptable politically.”

Alexander Hamilton stated such disapproval, saying it “casts stigma upon the individual rejected.” They’d “display all the private and party likings, dislikes, partialities, antipathies, attachments and animosities felt by those who compose the assembly.”

Senators declaring LaSalle “too conservative” rebut separation of powers that limits arbitrary government excesses and compels need for independent judiciary.

Our founders distrusted “assembly” to such an appointment.

So: We guided by Alexander Hamilton or our State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris?

When ‘Wolf’ was just a pup

Enough already with daily, hourly, nightly reports of Leonardo DiCaprio gracing art shows and grabbing young skinny models.

1994. New York Academy Award nominees breakfast. Russian Tea Room. I’m with this young nobody up for Best Supporting for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Up comes “All About Eve” VIPs, nominated for 14 Oscars, “Gentleman’s Agreement,” which worshipped Gregory Peck, and Celeste Holm who to his face asks “Who’s this kid?”

Leonardo DiCaprio
Before all the headlines about models, Leo Dicaprio was nominated for an Oscar as a 19-year-old.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Me: “Leonardo DiCaprio.”…Celeste: “WHO?!” Me: “Up for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.’ ” Staring at him she asks, “What’s he do?” Me: “Nominated.” Her: “As what?” Me: “Supporting Actor.” Her: “In what?” Me: “Gilbert Grape.” Celeste: “Lord, I wouldn’t see that. Sounds like a pie-eating contest.”

Wondering who’s this lady, Leo’s staring. I explain. This future hotshot model grabber then says to her: “I never heard of you.”

Celeste: “I never heard of you either.” As I perspire she tells him of one great triumph “Gentleman’s Agreement.”

Replies this kid, age 19: “Yeah. That wasn’t bad — for improv.”

Vino vending

Eff the pandemic’s three years disruption, City Winery has expanded from downtown to Hudson River Park’s Pier 57. Its menu of entertainers:

Katie Couric Jan. 23. Her “Next Question” show lets the audience ask their most intimate questions. Seth Meyers Jan. 24, 25. Gipsy Kings Jan. 27. Feb. 7 is Denny Laine of Paul McCartney and Wings fame. Comedian/actor Michael Rapaport Feb. 8. Graham Nash of Crosby Stills & Nash May 14, 16, 17.

Amy Grant on May 8, Johnny Cash daughter Rosanne Jan. 26. Director John Waters Feb. 19.

Go — and take me.

Child’s play

Jonathan Rockefeller. February he brings kiddie book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to the DR2 Theatre. His “Winnie the Pooh” opens in London’s West End. His puppets get built in Long Island City’s Rockefeller Studios. The guy’s into family entertainment.

SECRETARY: “Boss, I’ve found a new position.” CEO: “Great. Pull down the shades.”

Not only in New York, kids, only in New York. I mean, no. Definitely not. 


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