How to Trace the History of a Car with the License Plate?


Do you want to buy a new car through the second-hand market? This is a very good idea because you can make great savings on the model you want. Be careful though, because you may also come across scams. So, to make the right choice with full knowledge of the facts, it is essential to know as much as possible about the vehicle. How? By conducting a car check via online platforms to get general information about the vehicle and its owner. In this article, we walk you through the process of tracing the history of a used car using the license plate.

Why know the history of the vehicle with the license plate?

You probably already knew this, but the license plate lets you know a lot of information about the vehicle associated with it. In addition to listing and identifying the cars circulating on a particular territory, the license plate is also used to find the history of the second-hand model you wish to acquire.

Whether you are selling your car or looking for one on the second-hand market, the information mentioned on the various platforms helps to reassure potential buyers by adding legitimacy to the offers. It is, therefore, a fundamental step not to be missed if you are about to acquire a second-hand vehicle, especially since the history can be accessed for free. And if the current owner has not yet generated a report on one of the online tools available, do not hesitate to ask him. As a potential buyer, you are entitled to access it, and if he is reluctant, it may be that he is hiding something on his car.

What information is available from the license plate?

The series of numbers affixed to a license plate will allow you to learn more about the vehicle you want to buy. You will be able to tell if the offer is legitimate or not and if it is a model in good condition without any hidden defects. Among the information available through the license plate, you will find:

  • the number of previous owners;
  • the date of entry into circulation;
  • the brand; Name of the car manufacturer (brand) mentioned in full.
  • the model;
  • CV power;
  • repairs made;
  • possible accidents;
  • the origin of the vehicle;
  • history and maintenance;
  • Vehicle Identification Number: this is the chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number;
  • the administrative situation.

With the registration number, you will then have valuable information at your disposal to make the right choice and whether the offer you are looking for is reliable or not. It is also to fight against fraud on the second-hand market that many free tools, even paid, have emerged in recent years. 

This date of the first registration of a vehicle is important. The location is not important and does not affect the validation of the online request or the price.

What tools to use to trace the history of the car?

There are multiple online tools like DoneDeal, which you can use to check the history of your vehicle. In order to limit the pitfalls of the second-hand market, multiple tools are now available. Carvertical and Carfax also have international databases that can be very useful in exchange for a few dollars. 

To use these tools effectively, you must first fill in his personal information, as well as the license plate and the registration number. This will then allow you to generate a report that he can send to you to consult it online. You will then have access to the date of entry into service of the vehicle, changes of owners, or claims with controlled repair. This will allow you to make an informed decision.

The second-hand market is full of offers, and you could perhaps come across a nugget that will meet all your expectations. But for that, you must make sure that it is a reliable model and of good quality by not omitting a crucial step: the verification of the history of the car. The latter is usually available using the license plate number or the vehicle registration number and allows you a complete report. You will then be sure to make the right choice!


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