How to share events with Calendar for iPhone and iPad


As you know, life can definitely get hectic. And with that craziness are a lot of events and appointments that you may need to keep track of, sometimes with others. Thankfully, as long as you have an iPhone or iPad, you have a great calendar built right into your device from Apple. And the Calendar app is pretty intuitive and easy to use, making managing your calendar a breeze. If you’ve just bought an iPhone 14 Pro or iPad Air 5, now is the ideal time to manage your life more efficiently. 

The Calendar app on the best iPhone or the best iPad gets even better if you’re using your iCloud account for your schedule. That’s because iCloud lets you publish and share your calendar with other people, such as friends and family, and even coworkers. These features are especially useful when you need to plan bigger gatherings, parties, vacations, and even conferences.


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