How to preorder Bayonetta 3 Trinity Masquerade Edition

She’s on her way! At long last, the gun-slinging, move-busting, demon-summoning, angel-slaughtering Bayonetta is coming back for her third big game. This time around, things are getting even more chaotic, with multiple Bayonettas from across different dimensions, another controllable witch named Viola, and more. 

Based on the prior games and what we’ve seen of this third entry so far, it’s extremely likely it’ll be one of the best Nintendo Switch games of the year, if not the last few years. When Bayonetta 3 launches, there’ll also be a special edition of the game for fans to grab. Titled the Bayonetta 3 Trinity Masquerade Edition, it includes plenty of extras for anyone that needs a little more. 

Bayonetta 3: How to preorder the Trinity Masquerade Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 Trinity Masquerade Edition includes several neat extras. At $90, it’s $30 more expensive than the regular version of the game, but it isn’t too expensive when compared to other big games’ special/collector’s editions. In addition to a copy of the game, anyone who buys this special version of Bayonetta 3 will get a 200-page artbook and three reversible covers. 

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