How to fix iPad battery life problems


Apple has five iPad models for sale as of now, which gives you lots of options when trying to choose the best iPad. Every iPad is rated for roughly 10 hours of battery life while browsing the web, checking email, and chatting. But if you’ve just set up a new one, especially if you restored it from a previous device backup or you’ve just installed iPadOS 16, you might see more drain on your battery than you’d otherwise expect.

Rather than cursing and throwing your iPad — as much as you might want to! — here’s what you can do to fix iPad battery life and get on with your life.

Wait for it

An iPad in close up showing its home screen

An iPad in close up showing its home screen (Image credit: iMore)

Whether you restore from backup, set up as new, or install an update to iPadOS 16, your iPad could expend a lot of power downloading apps, games, mail, photos, and other content. That’s because the Wi-Fi radio stays on for a long time and Spotlight — the iPadOS search system — has to index everything. When radios and processors can’t sleep, power consumption goes way up.


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