How Sarah Palin’s staying happy-go-plucky


2008 I met Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin who ran for VP with John McCain — but Obama won. WABC’s Sid Rosenberg just reconnected us when she tried for a House seat. So what happens when you slide out of first place for a minute?

“Fair-weather friends disappear. My parents, siblings, true friends are a tight circle. Others, on the periphery, fade away. They bail until you become a hot commodity again. Definitely the phone stops ringing. Then suddenly begins again.

“More discerning now I recognize fair-weather friends. I no longer put up with the fakery.”

About Alaska: “Don’t visit just on the water on a ship. Drive the road that goes north. See the Northern Lights, wild animals, mountains, highest peak on North America’s continent. There’s one highway. It’s practically through my house. Knock and I’ll give you some blueberry pie, cookies and a slice of halibut.

“And glaciers began when time began, centuries before man stepped foot in the area. Recede, grow, flow for eons. God created glaciers. Moving for decades is how we have valleys and carved areas through mountains. They’re receding and global warming stuff is just a fund-raising tool. It’ll keep happening no matter what man’s little footprint does to it.

“It’s no fund-raiser for liberal radicals. The Earth recovers, is always going to move and shake, revolve and evolve according to its creator’s intention . . .”

Ready to board her plane she phoned from the airport. A co-passenger hollered: “I don’t want to hear this [bleep].” Palin: “Hey, I’m speaking. Voicing my opinion.” Pest: “This is not a public space. Talk lower.” Sarah and I both mouthed the same words and then she to him: “You’re interrupting me. I’m just voicing my opinion.”

After finally losing this Democrat, she went for the plane saying: “I’m headed to a hockey event. I love hockey because grown men play it. They’re tough. What I like is their hockey hair. Like the mullet. Maybe that’s the Alaska in me but I find it very attractive.”

And definitely not on thin ice is the one hockey player she’s dating.

Nick Langworthy was recently elected into congress.
The New York State GOP will now be looking for a successor to Nick Langworthy.
Nick Langworthy

Party people

GOP chairs are meeting for a successor to NY Republican State Committee chair. Nick Langworthy, elected to Congress, is out. Manhattan Chair Andrea Catsimatidis, daughter of John Catsimatidis, is maybe in

Friday, 7:30, Newark’s Grammy Museum will show “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” doc. May Pang explores 18 months (1973-1975) John Lennon spent with this assistant, then 22, turned lover. 

DeSantis won his reelection by a 20-point margin.
Ron DeSantis is considered a Republican frontrunner for the presidency.

’24 imprezzions

From one on the scene: ­DeSantis might implode nationally. Specialists tell me he’ll appeal to the Southern Baptists’ anti-abortion, anti-gay view of American history’s Civil War — and never accepted in swing states. Paid pros tell me a MAGA Republican might have it tough to win. If 2024 candidate, the Democrats will control Congress and presidency. The libs will take over, raise taxes and I will be bitten in the behind by his aides. 

I admire the New York City Marathon. But occurs to me running isn’t as simple as it looks. Your feet must control your stride. Your feet must control your balance. To run 26.2 miles in one day you’ve got to have brains in your feet.

Only a New Yorker reclining on the couch, kids, only a New Yorker reclining on the couch.


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