How Fonzie taught Henry Winkler to keep his cool

Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, 76, who grabbed an Emmy for TV’s “Barry,” is a great interview. We hung up three days ago — and he’s still talking.

“I majored in child psychology. Applied to 18 colleges. Then I did commercials. Two a day. To be known in my New York I learned you must first go to California where everyone’s tall, blond and has big belt buckles.

“So many bad reviews your self-image drops to the bottom of the ocean. First film was ‘The One and Only,’ about Gorgeous George the wrestler. I shot all day and wrestled all night. Lousy reviews. In the beginning I couldn’t get hired.

“I wondered, what are they watching? You fight back. On to the next audition. Train. Learn. Pack gratitude with tenacity. I had to develop the voice. I was stilted. I’d say I was still working on that from age 27 to 72.

“I’d still love to be a hit on Broadway. In ’99, I read for a Neil Simon play. Critics said it’s not ready so I finally made his maybe No. 11 version.

“‘The Fonz’ has been great for me. You know what? I’ve now finally learned the policy of being with only pros or human beings: ‘No a–holes.’  ”

Way uptown art scene

Upstate Catskills just had whatever Upstate Art Weekend is. Stuff like some 20-foot inflatable woman copied from some 1594 thing in the ­Louvre.

Artist Stef Halmos: “It’s a blow-up of the painting ‘Gabrielle d’Estrées.’ It’s called a lost masterpiece of queer art. It’s of two women and their relationship. It’s of one pinching the other’s nipple.”

Yeah, good, wow. Next year maybe Mona Lisa in tights?

The name game

Wait. More great news. Civil Court Judge Dakota Ramseur, itching for an NY Supreme Court seat — one of three positions available — just had a meet, greet and eat feat. And where was Dakota’s gala held? At Dakota’s on West 72nd (no relation). And family friend Eric Adams, who dressed up her original induction, also came to dress up this one.

Patrons entering an NYC public bus.
Buses have been known to clog up the city’s streets.
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X out extenders

Question: Why fleets of elongated double-connected block-long stretched buses jamming the streets — with maybe three people on each? All are lengthened and extended and never separated and no vehicles can pass or get in front of them. Traffic stays clogged back to Atlantic City.

I understand they transport riders in rush hour — but 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m.? Can’t these giant things just work rush hours? Or get double-deckers? Or run simplexes? Or bring back oxen? So others of us can manage to navigate our roads?

Crowning a fashion King

Tired of V-necks that graze the navel? Crotches that scrape the sidewalk?

Comes now “Fashion Oracle Award.” Michael Kors grabs “Superstar Award.” Dionne Warwick “Trailblazer Award.” And it recognizes Elvis and he’s not exactly any re-incarnated Dior.

So, crave bubblegum pink pants, floral shirts, pompadours and eye makeup, he may have left the building but you can watch this Night of Stars thing come mid-October.

Long-haired kid arrives. Said one diner: “Terrible how boys resemble girls now.” Second diner: “That’s my son.” First diner: “Sorry. I didn’t know you were his mother.” Second diner: “I’m not. I’m the father.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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