How a House GOP majority can fix problems Americans care about most

Republicans are confident headed into the midterm elections, and for good reason. President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have failed in virtually every area important to Americans, from the economy to crime to energy security, and their historically low approval ratings show that voters know exactly where the blame lies.

But Republicans can’t win the House majority by pointing out Democratic failures alone. Voters want more than just an opposition party — they want a governing party.

Republicans need to bring solutions where Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have offered only division and blame. We’re well-positioned to do so: You wouldn’t know it by listening to the media, but the Republican Party is flush with leaders who want to tackle tough issues.

To amplify their voices and unite their efforts, we’ve brought together more than 80 members of Congress and dozens of candidates to serve as the governing wing of the GOP. Now we’re unifying them around a five-part agenda aimed at securing conservative wins for the American people, and we’re working with Republican House leadership to get it done.

First, we’re offering a plan to reclaim America’s energy independence. This year, the average American family will spend $5,000 on gas alone, nearly double what they spent last year. The Biden administration has chosen to blame and obstruct the very US energy companies that can end the crisis, all while virtue-signaling about the climate and begging foreign adversaries to boost their production.

Pelosi Biden
The Democrats have failed to bring many of their infrastructure initiatives to fruition.
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Our agenda does the opposite, by catalyzing US output, supporting new pipelines and bolstering energy innovation — while still showing care for the climate.

Our second item is to get Americans back on the job. Democrats have spent the past two years creating disincentives to work and costly new entitlements, starving our economy of employees and enflaming inflation. By contrast, Republicans will stop punishing seniors who take jobs, invest in skilled trade programs and apprenticeships and slash spending that’s driving outrageous price hikes.

In some states, prices reached over $7 per gallon.
Gas prices across the US surged, with the possibility of another increase.
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We’ll also rebuild our broken supply chains. In Biden’s America, we’ve grown accustomed to half-empty shelves, sky-high prices and long wait times for basic necessities. The average family will pay an extra $5,200 for critical items this year. Simply getting the government out of the way will solve many of these problems. Our agenda will also increase flexibility for trucking and shipping companies, address backlogs at our ports and get the American economy moving again.

These first three agenda items are focused on restoring economic strength and opportunity. Our fourth priority is to keep Americans safe — an area where Democratic failures are painfully self-evident. By demonizing police and refusing to prosecute crime, Democrats have all but endorsed the record-high crime rates sweeping America, from inner cities to once-peaceful small towns.

Many companies lack items they need due to supply chain issues.
Broken supply chains has caused a major delay in American shipping enterprises.

Republicans will take immediate steps to reestablish law and order by doing what the vast majority of Americans want and expect: funding police, prosecuting criminals, cracking down on gangs and honoring our law-enforcement professionals.

Safety in our communities must be paired with our final agenda item: standing for freedom at home and abroad. Sadly, America is in its weakest position on the world stage since President Barack Obama was in charge. We kowtow to Iran, tiptoe around Russian aggression and allow China to take advantage of American trade and innovation without consequence

A Republican majority in Congress must reestablish oversight of the administration’s foreign-policy decisions. By asserting a doctrine of peace through strength and economic freedom, we can help revitalize US leadership while defending our security at home.

This five-part agenda fills the Democrats’ leadership vacuum. It prioritizes areas Americans care about, regardless of political persuasion, heading into November.

Of course, even a strong congressional majority for Republicans won’t be enough to stop every bad idea or advance every good one, but it will help restore what has been sorely lacking in Washington for the past two years: common sense and basic leadership.

As Republican candidates head into the homestretch toward the midterms, they should remember that voters want to hear about common-sense solutions to problems hurting Main Street America. Voters want leaders who will govern. Republicans must show that we will.

Rep. Pete Stauber (Minn.) is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, where Sarah Chamberlain is president and CEO.

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