‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’ and other new movies

Praise be & pass the plate

New movie’s “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” (Not Biden — your soul. Filmmakers figure it’s easier to save that than Ol’ Burp Joe.)

It’s Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown running a megachurch. Scandal’s in the collection dish.

Regina: “The script has abundance, sexuality and meaning to the Bless-us-Father-for-we-have-sinned church. It’s funny. Also, wives of pastors are called ‘first ladies.’

“Who knew that? Most church first ladies work the background. I researched everything about first ladies — white, black, all — to see what defined them, their convictions, how they feel about what they’re doing.”

Sterling: “As someone who grew up in church, has a deep affinity for church, I think we should be able to engage in critical thought about the institutions we follow and that we allow to occupy space in our lives.”

It’s in theaters and streaming on Peacock on Sept. 2. Amen. Praise the Lord and pass the plate.

Latest happenings in showbiz

Being holiday week I’m feeding you entertainment news.

Renée Fleming’s singing all over Europe. On IMAX screens. “Renée Fleming’s Cities That Sing — Paris” is from historic Théâtre du Châtelet. She’s joined by high-class opera singers. Sept. 18 — one night only — she’ll be accompanied by Kelsey Grammer.

Hospitals in New Orleans were waterlogged during Katrina. “Five Days at Memorial” is an AppleTV+ series with Vera Farmiga and Cherry Jones.

Cherry: “Incredibly specific, it covers many aspects of the disaster. It reminds us that coastal cities everywhere are fragile and this could happen anywhere anytime.”

So strap on the life jacket, stop screaming and start streaming.

A scene from “Five Days at Memorial."
A scene from “Five Days at Memorial.”
Russ Martin / Apple TV

“Two Jews, Talking” is old geezers’ old jokes. Ancients Hal Linden and Bernie Kopell “were up all night naming it.”

Hal: “Sex with the man on top is goyish. Sex with the woman on top, that’s Jewish.”

Bernie: “Why is sex with the woman on top Jewish?”

Hal: “Because the man always has a back.”

The production is scheduled to run through Oct. 23. Considering their birthdays, don’t wait too long for tickets.

His private time

Howard Stern’s chatty on air. Unchatty off. But he chatted: “I try to evolve every time I paint. Always keenly observing what’s going on around me. I’m painting a larger barn. I lost my father recently — he was 99. I feel like painting is honoring him and those growing older. Most express shock when they see my work. Can’t believe I paint. Being on the radio they assume I do nothing else.”

Picasso Howie’s maybe not, but he’s pretty good.

Me, I’m going to rest my bones. Take a few days off. So do NOT discard any great unused items you still have. Should Clark Gable and Mary Pickford ever make a triumphant comeback, I’ll use them.

Love you. Have a safe holiday.

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