Holiday gift shopping for kids — The best iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch for children and teens


Shopping for your children during the holidays can be a hard task. Some kids are super easy to get gifts for while others are a bit more difficult. If you’re shopping for a tween or teen then you want to make sure you get them the electronics that they want while making sure they’re reliable as well. We at iMore are the first to sing the praises of Apple products, but some of them are better suited to kids and teens than others are. Here are the best Apple gifts for kids. Fortunately, many of them are at a deep discount for Cyber Monday

Best iPad for kids

iPad mini 6

(Image credit: Adam Oram / Future)

We absolutely love the iPad, but for many children the best choice is the iPad Mini 6. Let’s be honest, children make mistakes and there’s always the risk that they will break something. So having a smaller surface area can help the iPad Mini survive a few more drops and bumps while your child watches shows and plays games. Of course, you’ll want to purchase a protective case as well to keep it safe. There are big blocky ones with shock-absorbent sides for younger children or distinguished-yet-protective cases for teens. 


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