Highland Park was just part of an increasingly sickening culture of gun violence


Yet another mass shooting rocked the nation this weekend, this one at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Ill., that left seven dead and dozens injured. Alas, that wasn’t the only horrific toll from the weekend’s gun-violence nightmare: In New York City alone, a mind-boggling 52 people were shot from Friday to Monday.

That truly frightening city figure includes 21 victims just on Independence Day (13 over a nine-hour period!). That’s a 62.5% jump from last year’s already alarmingly high number (32) for the July 4th weekend.

Among those struck this year: a 62-year-old bystander in The Bronx. A correction officer at a Queens party. Three men at a Brooklyn deli. An NYPD worker’s boyfriend hit in a drive-by shooting in Manhattan. Two former college rugby players sitting in a cab. An off-duty auxiliary cop in The Bronx . . .

Even an aide to Mayor Eric Adams was held up at gunpoint Tuesday while scouting a Brooklyn location for his boss to visit.

Mayor Eric Adams
An aide to Mayor Eric Adams was mugged at gunpoint Tuesday.

Nor was the insanity limited to New York: After two cops were shot in Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney said he was looking forward to leaving office. (Now there’s leadership.)

Oh, and summer — typically the bloodiest time of the year — is only getting started.

Yes, the mass shooting deserves big headlines: A madman fires more than 70 rounds, police say, randomly targeting children, the elderly and average citizens at a celebration where people are closely gathered. The mere thought should send shivers down the back of any normal American.

Jim Kenney
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he looks forward to leaving office after two police officers were shot.

Yet it’s part of an American culture that’s been growing ever sicker, as police-defunding pols (former Mayor Bill de Blasio), soft-on-crime lawmakers and non-prosecuting district attorneys (looking at you, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg) have been telling lawbreakers, in effect, that they won’t suffer stiff consequences. And the violent mentally ill go cruelly untreated.

Polls show Americans are overwhelmingly sick of the growing bloodshed, yet lawmakers — particularly on the left — have been slow to catch on. Expect more of it.


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