Hey Apple, iPhone colors should last more than one generation


I’ve been buying iPhones ever since the original came out in 2007. The OG iPhone launched in a single color, which was basically a mostly silver back — the bottom was black and the front glass was black. The iPhone 3G and 3GS came out afterward, but got rid of the silver on the back in favor of a full, glossy black plastic. Then the iPhone 4 came out, and it was the first iPhone to come in a different color: white, though there was a long delay before that became publicly available. 

Since then, Apple has made its iPhones a lot more colorful. Apple has never been a stranger to color — the first iMacs were bright, colorful, and just downright fun — so this was a welcome change. But there’s still one problem.

The evolution of colorful iPhones

Rose gold iPhone 6s and black iPhone 7

(Image credit: iMore / Future)

For a while, Apple stuck with just black/Space Gray and white/silver finishes on the iPhone. It wasn’t until the iPhone 5s that Apple added a third color to the lineup: gold. Apple took it a step further with the iPhone 5c lineup by giving us five bold and playful colors: blue, green, pink, yellow, and white, while also giving us the hideous silicone dot cases (think Crocs for your iPhone, the internet never forgets). 


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