Here’s more proof Apple is focusing on the iPhone 14 Pro this year


A new report from Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple’s decision to focus on iPhone 14 Pro upgrades this year will result in a vastly higher shipment proportion compared to previous years.

In his latest note, Kuo writes that Apple’s decision to only include its new A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max will significantly boost “the shipment proportion of new iPhone high-end models in 2H22 to 55-60%,” up from 40-50% in the past. That means that Apple’s focus on the ‘Pro’ version of the iPhone is going to make more customers buy it.

Kuo says this will benefit high-end component suppliers of the iPhone including camera suppliers. Kuo is not the only insider reporting that Apple is favoring the iPhone 14 ‘Pro’ this year. Multiple reports including several from Mark Gurman indicate Apple will not add a new chip to iPhone 14 this year, instead keeping the A15 from Apple’s current best iPhone, the iPhone 13. This week he stated:

This year, for the first time since Apple starting designing its own processors, the company won’t be upgrading the chip inside of its main new iPhone. This fall’s entry-level iPhone 14 models will retain the A15 chip from last year, with only the Pro version getting a new A16 processor.

Other Pro-exclusive upgrades rumored to be on the way include a new always-on display to take advantage of the new Lock Screen customization in iOS 16, as well as an end to the notch in favor of a new hole-punch front-facing camera. By contrast, rumors indicate the iPhone 14 will be a much more modest upgrade. Neither version is expected to see any major design changes.

It’s very clear from these and Kuo’s latest report that the iPhone 14 Pro might be a much more appealing upgrade compared to recent years, conversely, he expects Apple’s share of ‘Pro’ vs not Pro iPhones to be much more favorable compared to previous years.

Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup is expected to ditch the iPhone ‘mini’ in favor of a new regular 6.7-inch Max version. If you can’t wait or you’re not interested in the new iPhone, these Prime Day iPhone deals will be a great shout next week.

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