Gov. Kathy Hochul’s ugly migrant brush-off to NYC showcases cruel Democratic hypocrisy


New York City just proved key to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s election, but she’s still not offering it any help with its illegal-migration crisis. Friday, she weaseled yet again on the question of asking towns upstate to help ease the pressure. Ingrate much, Kat?

She’s sticking to her position that she needs to “make sure they’re stabilized” — i.e., have work permits — before she’d consider relocation. Getting those, in the best case, takes at least half a year. 

Hmmmmm. If the rest of the state doesn’t have to take in illegal migrants without viable economic prospects, why does New York City? Why does Texas

Indeed, Hochul’s conceding the main argument against the “wave them all in” policy that her party has gone all-in on. There’s no clear path for these people, no matter how deserving, to make a solid life in the US.  

Don’t take our word for it. The New York Times, in a rare act of journalism, had a reporter follow an illegal migrant from Venezuela around the city as he looked for work. Guess what? He didn’t find any. 

Understandable, given that we are still in a tight labor market — and that most employers actually try to follow the law on immigration as they do on, say, food safety or tax accounting. 

Do New York’s elites care? Nope. As long as these migrants — almost none of whom has a valid asylum claim, remember; people only seeking better economic opportunities don’t qualify — come streaming in, they will happily clamor for them to be given the same rights as citizens. 

Never mind that those already here will cost New York at least $600 million to feed and house, cash coming out of an already-strained budget and drawing resources away from the Big Apple’s neediest. 

All this, while the migrants themselves struggle to find a place, and those back home — beckoned by rich blue-state scofflaws and Dem blather at the federal and state level — embark on ever-more-dangerous journeys to our southern border. 

The cruelty of our elites on immigration policy is matched only by our governor’s blithe indifference to the city’s needs. 


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