Google should get its own house in order before pointing RCS fingers at Apple


Google has been trying hard to get Apple to adopt RCS (Rich Communication Services), which it’s calling the modern industry-standard regarding messaging. Its latest experiment is a full-blown campaign called #GetTheMessage, an attempt to publicly shame Apple into adopting RCS. But this cheeky attempt is quite a bit misleading, and all the funnier coming from Google, whose messaging strategy is anything but coherent.

Is it really “time for Apple to fix texting”? 

Google is calling out Apple here, saying it needs to fix texting, but it’s really Google that needs to get its messaging in order. We’re no strangers to Google’s repeated attempts at building a messaging service which results in killing app after app and making new apps which it merges with other apps and sometimes kills again. Remember Google Talk? Google Allo? Hangouts? All dead and buried.


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