George Soros is the most dangerous man in America — here’s why


With the five-part investigation of Matt Palumbo, The Post has spent the past week showing that 92-year-old finance titan George Soros is the most dangerous man in America.

Let us count the ways: 

Soros spent more than $40 million on installing left-wing DAs and other officials in big cities around the country. The candidates he backed and their allies now represent at least one-fifth of Americans and include crime-lovers like Manhattan’s own Alvin “Let ‘Em Loose” Bragg; Philly’s Larry Krasner, whose “reforms” brought 516 homicides in 2022; LA’s George Gascón, whose city has seen burglaries skyrocket; and Chicago’s Kim Foxx, who initially let two gangbangers skate for a daylight shootout amid horrific crime numbers. 

Alvin Bragg
The candidates Soros backed and their allies now represent at least one-fifth of Americans.

But what’s buying DA offices without buying media personalities to keep everyone on message that the crime surge isn’t happening? Soros’ nonprofit empire counts topline journos at NBC, the Washington Post, and Reuters as members of its various boards. He’s a huge giver to ProPublica and to NPR and spent at least $131 million from 2016 to 2020 to back literally hundreds of activist media groups that promote his lefty views on crime, gender and capitalism — as well as handily stepping in to dismiss all criticism of the billionaire as somehow being anti-Semitic.  

And if any plebes start getting ideas of their own — like, say, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real — Soros-funded “fact-checkers” will move in to crush dissent. He’s partnered with Big Tech fatcats, setting up the chillingly-named “Good Information Inc” with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. He backs IFCN, a global network dedicated to fighting “disinformation” that has lobbied Facebook to do more censorship, and another group that pushes tech CEOs to do the same. He funds the parent of PolitiFact, as well as a small army of similar groups in Europe.

Such groups helped taboo discussion of the lab-leak hypothesis of COVID’s origin, Hunter’s shenanigans and other big, real stories by calling them fake. In other words, Soros and Big Tech also work hand-in-glove to cut off free inquiry. 

Even top White House staffers move in his circle of influence. Like Biden crony Neera Tanden, former prez of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress. Or outgoing chief of staff Ron Klain (a board member at CAP’s lobbying wing). Or Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose father has major connections to Soros and who took action against a prominent Soros critic early in his term. And 17 members of key transition teams Biden used heading into office had significant connections to Soros.

George and Alexander Soros
Soros’ son Alexander has become a de-facto ambassador to the White House.

The next generation of Americans is already being prepped to march along the same ideological lines. Soros’ Open Society Foundations budgeted $63 million in 2020 alone for efforts to shape higher education. His cash has funded programs like the “Bard Palestinian Youth Initiative,” a Georgetown effort aiming to radicalize our judiciary and a literal class on “Abolishing Prisons and the Police.” He’s promised a potential, staggering $500 million to Bard. Get them while they’re young and tomorrow belongs to you. 

Why does Soros — who fled the Soviets and found unimaginable success in a capitalist democracy undergirded by the rule of law and a strong, free press — want to undermine the very system that made him so rich and so powerful? Why is he undermining the very opportunities he enjoyed?

george soros logo

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He backs prosecutors who don’t prosecute crooks. He wants a press that asks no hard questions of the powerful (himself above all). He wants universities that teach impressionable kids to hate their country and parents. 

Fact is, if Soros were a right-winger, his name would be national news every week. But his politics line up with those of most journos and academics (though not those of most Americans). So the massive impact of this one man and his money on American society goes largely unreported — or called “conspiracy theory.”

As does the fact that he’s transferred nearly $18 billion to OSF, now under the stewardship of his son Alexander (only 37). Which means that when the aging Soros dies, his influence and his empire will live on. 

Soros has spent a fortune spreading his influence through US politics, media and society and leaving us all worse off, and has set up the infrastructure to keep doing so even after he dies. 

So no, this is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a truth worth pointing out, and one worth resisting. 


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