Garland needs to stop the leaks and say what’s in the Mar-a-Lago docs

Funny thing: Former President Donald Trump was hoarding classified documents so dear that only cabinet members could read them. We apparently know this because … Department of Justice employees leaked that information to the Washington Post.

It’s impossible to take seriously the lecturing on how incredibly dangerous and unprecedented the Mar-a-Lago stash is when its details are given out anonymously to select members of the press.

Not that we shouldn’t know what Trump had — to the contrary.

Attorney General Merrick Garland should make it clear that he won’t tolerate media leaks, and anyone at Justice or elsewhere in government will be fired for leaking.

Then he should, on the record, level with the American people about just what Trump possessed and why the raid was important.

He should deny the leaked claims if they’re untrue, or confirm them if they are. Otherwise, operating under the cover of anonymity, the DOJ enjoys deniability, but so do Trump and his supporters. The truth suffers.

You’re not violating state secrets by describing the material in broad strokes. What are these “nuclear documents”? How serious are they, really?

Is it a personal letter from Kim Jong Un talking about his nuclear arsenal, a topic we know he discussed with Trump? Or a classified rundown of Iran’s capabilities?

Garland should lift the mystery surrounding the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago and explain why they were taken.
Garland should lift the mystery surrounding the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago and explain why they were taken.
Department of Justice via AP

Because of James Comey, abuse of FISA warrants and more, no one trusts the intelligence establishment. And establishment-supporting newspapers lost the trust of many with their craven shilling during Russiagate, reporting “facts” that later proved fundamentally false.

In this time of extreme political division, the truth is too important to be left to anonymous leaks and cable news speculation.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is claiming Trump got spies killed! Meanwhile, Trump’s allies argue this is all a paperwork error. In the absence of evidence, each side’s narrative becomes more entrenched and more outlandish.

If it’s not secret enough that it shouldn’t be leaked, then it’s not secret enough to keep from the public. Without giving details, tell us whether Trump had important nuclear documents.

Uncertainty is a sickness. And it’s eating away at the nation. 

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