From the Editor’s Desk: Could we see the iPhone 14 on September 7?


August is almost over, which hopefully means that summer is coming to an end soon, right? I mean, honestly, as someone who lives in Southern California, this heat is just too much — and it’s not just me! I know my colleagues across the pond and on the East Coast have also been feeling the heat lately. 

But as summer starts to go away and fall starts to cool things down (pumpkin spice season, anyone?), it’s also time to get ready for some new iPhones and Apple Watches. This week, we have some exciting news as the next Apple iPhone event is just over the horizon.

Expect an iPhone 14 event around September 7

Purple Iphone 14 Pro Render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

The biggest news this week came from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who suggests that Apple’s iPhone 14 event could show up as early as Sept. 7. After all, Apple always holds its fall event in September (except for 2020, where it was in October because of a certain pandemic), so this isn’t exactly surprising. But I suppose it’s a little earlier than I was expecting — most of us were probably anticipating Sept. 12, though of course, nothing is set in stone just yet. However, this Sept. 7 that Gurman has thrown out seems to be from insider sources, and he has a decent track record, so we’re going to roll with it for now.


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