Four disastrous De Blasio ballot initiatives written into law


Argh: The ghost of the utterly unlamented de Blasio mayoralty just got written into city law, as voters passed three disastrous ballot initiatives imbued with his ugly, racially divisive vision.  

The three will:

  • Add a critical-race-theory spouting preamble to the city’s charter, promising to remedy “past and continuing harms” (these include putting criminals in prison, to give a sense of how non-harmful they are) — doubtless via efforts to do things like end all merit-based academic admissions in public schools and hand out “reparations” to groups with sufficient political pull. 
  • “Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission”, i.e. an unaccountable administrative apparatus to execute at maximum cost the destructive ideas in the charter preamble.
  • Force the city to come up with a so-called “true cost of living” that ignores our (among the biggest nationwide) subsidies to the needy and punish city dwellers with even more taxes.

Oh, and the statewide initiative also passed, giving the go-ahead to Albany to borrow and spend another $4.2 billion on green nonsense (including north of $1 billion on climate-change “mitigation”). Oy. 

Amid a night of GOP upsets (bye-bye, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney) and a near-run governor’s race, voters still enabled a ton of destructive foolishness. When and if sanity fully triumphs at the polls, it’s that much more damage to undo.


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