Former NYPD top cop calls for ouster of ‘worst DA ever’ Alvin Bragg


Top copper’s plea for police

Bernie Kerik. Army vet. Worked with Navy SEALs. Top cop. Mayor Giuliani’s police commissioner on 9/11.

Kerik: “This mayor must repeal bail reform — so many on gun charges are immediately released back into the community, it’s horrible.

“Lose that prosecutor. Bag Bragg. He should never be in office. Worst DA ever. He’s emboldening bad guys. Harming citizens plus law enforcement doing their jobs.

“This mayor must hire more cops. I had so many more under my command. Crime’s up yet it’s thousands less cops. Protection’s down and crime’s up. This mayor must do it.

“I’m not saying he’s a good mayor. I know him 30 years. He was a lieutenant under me. A desk officer. Never heroic. His organization was 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement. He took a test and made captain before retiring. Some test takers were zeroes. But he never did anything to stand out.

“Our stop-and-frisks worked. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work. The Department of Justice basically admitted the program’s fair, constitutional and worked. Has to be monitored. Not abused. But it’s a phenomenal tool to take guns off the streets. This mayor should bring it back — period.

“We’re now a war zone. With it there’s no thriving economy. Can’t have real estate values or high tourism. Ignore the critics and blowhards. Get out there. Afraid to tackle this garbage? Ignore them. Do your job. This mayor knows what to do. So — do it! The NYPD knows what to do, how to reduce crime. They’re trained. They have resources, manpower. Just let them do it.”

Eric just clucks. He’s chicken.

Cache of cash

A story’s reported about thieves in Barcelona stealing a tourist’s Rolex. That watch suddenly seems more desirable to grab your hands onto than J.Lo’s bras. At a Bonhams auction, Michael Caine’s gold Rolex (worn in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”) was estimated to sell for 8,000-12,000 pounds sterling.

A tourist’s watch was reportedly taken from them in Spain.

The tchotchke hammered at 125,000 pounds. His specs brought only 1,700 pounds. The bargain? Two broken leather theater seats — one footrest missing — sold for 612 pounds.

More sales: 1983 Mercedes G Wagon convertible for sale. Aventura Motors. Southampton. Seinfeld borrows wheels from this auto haberdashery. No financing, no IOU, no deposit, no return, no crypto. If you have enough left from buying gas, it’s just $125,000.

Champers champs

Dali and Lindbergh loved slurping Heidsieck. Prince Charles drank it at his wedding. The first one. Hugh Grant played Charles Heidsieck in a movie. France shipped their new $700 bottle for a relaunch at the Peninsula Hotel. Its chairman Christopher Descours: “In a bull market you want Champagne. In a bear market you need Champagne.”

Hey, let’s drink to that.

In need, indeed

Thanks to writer Jim Fragale for information that every Monday morning dozens line up for hours — for help — but those needy were just informed of a cutback in handouts. Now, it’s every other Monday and only free food based on their family size.

Bill de blasio
Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is running for a congressional seat.
Stephen Yang

Be advised: Pretend mayor/president/governor de Blasio’s now making nice to reporters who zapped him. For another not-working-but-staying-on-the-dole job, he’s offering interviews even to those who like to dislike him.

And this could be Only in New York, kids, only in New York. 


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